Recently, a friend of mine had me check out a show from Christopher Titus called Love is Evol. It was a funny watch, but one of his jokes went sour as far as I’m concerned.

The joke was about ‘the douchebag test’ which is he claimed ‘all men have.’ The joke was basically this, new guy walks up to a group, one of the group picks out something on the newcomer and insults it in some (not-so-)subtle way. If the person in question defends themselves, they’re a ‘douchebag,’ but if they turn the insult on the aggressor, they’re a ‘brother.’


What’s worse is the number of people in the audience who’s general assent was obvious. This is really a thing, even if people don’t call it what Christopher did.

Why does anyone do this? Is there a reason people feel it should be a prerequisite to accept verbal abuse from a new acquaintance?

On Facebook, a female friend was asking for someone to go to Victoria’s Secret with her. The first response was someone pointing out that ‘all the guys had only one thing on their mind.’ He went on to explain that it was the image of women in their underwear that all men cared about.


Are males really so sexually driven as to not care about any other details of that request?

The truth is, I know not all guys are like these two examples. Really, most guys I’ve met are actually pretty cool about things in general. But very few seem to be upset by these stereotypes that paint all men as sex-driven assholes who, often, don’t have two functioning brain cells to rub together. Why do we accept this as status quo?

Guys: Speak up for yourselves, truth denies simplicity!

Gals: Don’t let this stereotyping affect how you see people. Judge a guy by his actions, it’s only fair.

What are your thoughts on gender-stereotyping? Leave a comment below!