So part of what pushed me back into blogging is a mild depression coming on that I knew I had to nip in the bud. In my efforts to kill it, I dove back into music, and ended up playing Fun.’s Some Nights over and over again. Here, check this out (Profanity warning):

Beautiful piece, lots of energy. The part that stood out to me as I let in rattle in my brain though is the line ‘What do I stand for?’

Fun question, no? But that’s really what it all comes down to, both in real life and in fiction. It’s the important things. Those things that when the chips are down and it’s time to take a side, we’re there.

The thing is, those topics, the lines? I find they keep changing. The things I’m willing to fight for now are a lot different from a year ago. Heck, I barely recognize that guy from a year ago who launched the Tweet Deck Guide. I’m still him, but what matters has changed.

One of the things I’ve come to care about in ways I couldn’t fathom is social justice, and while I’ve talked a little about our rights to communication and standing up for abuse survivors, one thing I’ve been less vocal on is LGBT rights. I’m totally for ’em. And the UN Human Rights Council put out a new publication called Born Free and Equal which is focused on LGBT rights. Some great stuff, and things that you’d think were common sense.

Awesome amazing news. Now the fun part. There’s a lot of places where these guidelines aren’t followed. There are places in the USA where they’re not followed. If you live somewhere with representative government, do me and your LGBT friends a favor: Write your representatives, talk about this. Things have to change.