Okay, so maybe this is Day 8 and Day 1 was when the madness began, but here’s the dish. I wanted to get back into blogging regularly because I’d let myself slip into a bit of a silent streak. Part of it is finding that piece of myself that loved blogging for blogging’s sake. As I explained last week, a Ze Frank marathon got me pumped and I started, and I started hard: Blog every day. No excuses.

So I did it.

I wrote about whatever it was that drove me the most that day. I covered a variety of topics. I also had more media in my posts than I’ve had since. . . well, the beginning. Pictures are good, right?

Small Bird Sparrow Bread

Courtesy of Lynn Kelley

In the last week, I got 255 views, almost 100 more than the preview week, and a significant jump over recent traffic in general. On the 18th, I got the most ‘Likes’ since my blog began. In general, you guys made me feel awesome for just giving it a shot.

Now, I don’t think all of my posts this week were amazing. In fact some were me just going through the motions in an effort to keep my goal. And I’ll probably do that more until I have done enough to get comfortable with how I do things again.

Let’s talk about you.

Blogging is no fun without readers, and I’d like to get to know you. So I’m going to Start Something and make Sunday’s for questions specifically for you.

This week, I’ll make it easy: What’s your favorite novel, and why? Answer in the comments!