Ever have those days that you know something needs to be done, but you really don’t want to do it?

I’m having one of those days. Writing, school work, house work, administrative tasks. Sometimes you want to just run away from it all. So how do I get myself to do it anyway?

You’ll Still Need To Do It Tomorrow

If it’s important enough that it has to be done today, you’ll need to do it tomorrow, too. And it’ll suck to wait until tomorrow, when you’ll have more critical tasks to get done. I’m a serious procrastinator, but keeping this in mind has totally helped me keep my load manageable.

Make Yourself Accountable

When I started blogging every day I announced it. And not in only one place. I announced here on my blog, in one of my communities, and to close friends who would encourage me.

What I haven’t tried, but might be worth it for some projects, is to make myself monetarily accountable. Randy Ingermanson suggests it in his ezine quite frequently. Decide on an amount of money that won’t ruin you, but you’ll definitely feel it, and then someone to hold you to it. If you miss your goal, you pay your coach the agreed amount. Ingermanson says he has only ever paid out once.

It Feels Good To Ship

There’s a great quote attributed to Steve Jobs that I’m slowly learning to fold into my life:

Real artists ship.

The truth is, anyone who wants to succeed is under the heading of artist here. Any project, if you want to be ‘real,’ you must ship. Otherwise you’re just a hobbyist.

Finishing Lasts

Think of all the things you want to do to put off what you need to be doing. How many of those last? Sure, it’s fun to earn digital currency, build your farm, or fill bars. But you’ll be back to do it again soon.

Finishing a project, though, leaves a reminder of the work you’ve done, giving yourself inspiration to get over crappy days in the future.

Just Do It

When all else fails, I just kick my own ass and get it done. It sucks, but it gets it done. And every now and then, you make something cool because of it.

How do you get going when you don’t want to?