Today marks the beginning of A Round of Words in 80 Days, a writing challenge made so anyone can fit it in. I’ve done it before, but I’ve ignored it that last few rounds for various reasons.

Today marks the end of that. I’m busting out my FILDI and doing this.


Here I am, making myself accountable. Procrastination killer #1. I’m going to come back slowly. Aim to build the writing muscles. Splitting into three separate topics.

Priority 1: Graduate

I’m working on my last three classes to earn my Associates in Management Information Systems. It’s kind of a fun semester because I’m doing Linux administration, MySQL programming, and systems analysis and design. The big thing is keeping up to date on the reading and homework I have to do. (It’s a lot for three classes. 200 pages of reading a week for the Linux course.)

So the goal: Get and stay one week ahead of my course work. This means keep the online quizzes up to date, the projects in the pipeline, and start reading ahead.

Priority 2: Blogging

Seriously, this is one of my favorite creative projects because it forces me to deliver. When I don’t the evidence is public. Beyond that, more practice means better blog posts, which I hope translates into you guys being happier.

So the goal: Daily blogging. I’ll be nice and say I can use ROW80 as my Sunday/Wednesday posts, though I intend to keep doing the blog discussions every Sunday.

Additionally, I want to get myself to a point where I have a regular schedule of things so you know what to expect every day. Not there yet, but maybe in the next 80 days?

Priority 3: Fiction

Kind of weird to admit that writing the next great American novel is third thing on the priority list for goals. Not a bad thing, but definitely illuminating. Right now, I’m not writing nearly enough, and I’m tired of that. Time to put what I know to use and get it done. Now, being out of practice, and having two other things taking up my time, I’m aiming low enough to build the writing muscles back up.

Goal: 2000 words of fiction a week, minimum.

Additionally, I will ship at least one story during ROW80. Shipping will be defined as delivering a finished piece to an audience. Whether that’s submitting it for publication, hand delivering it for special projects, or self-publishing, they all count. It will be done.

Bonus Points: Reading

I read a lot, but I could read more. ROW80 lasts 3 months, I want to have 3 novels read in that time. (Low balling again, but better a small success than crushing failure, and I can up it next Round!)

What are your goals for the rest of the year? Comment below!