Nerdfighter flag flying today. This was the quote from today’s video that had the most mind bursting power. Go check that out.


In a way, I think this message really sums up what things like A Round of Words and NaNoWriMo are all about: Connecting the crazy, exhilarating process of creation with other people so you can share in that euphoria. That’s my theory anyway.

And with that thought, it’s check-in day! Let’s get going:


I had insomnia Monday and finished off the rest of Bait Dog by Chuck Wendig. My Twitter review was “Fucked up and awesome. Everyone should read.” I’ll go back over it and do a fuller review sometime in the next week.

After finishing that, I’m digging into Summer Knight, the fourth book of the Dresden Files. This is actually the second one I’m reading, but it’s been a blast so far. I really like Dresden’s voice.


Two hundred words for a private project. It’s coming easier, now, so I know I’m doing something right, but this piece has been a struggle. Can’t wait to finish it and ship a finished project to the people it’s for.


I don’t need to say much here. Blogging every day. Saying things that matter to me. Laying down what I know.

Actually, I do have to say one thing: Yesterday’s traffic blew everything out of the water. It was my best day for at least the last month, and I’m pretty sure beats everything back to the early summer. You guys are awesome!

Actually, to those coming for Miranda’s Rainbow connection: Thank you for stopping by, the Facebook page is here.


I’ve caught up on all my quizzes except one, just finished reading the first of two Sybex books for Linux (Which means midterms are coming, oh, joy), and am on point now. In the next week, I should be able to get ahead!

Visiting ROWers: How are you doing on your goals?

Daily readers: What’s your favorite contemporary quote?