Being a daily blogger has some drawbacks. Especially when you’re like me and dove in with hardly a thought or a plan.

Some days, you’re going to be lazy and just not want to do it. Others, you’ll just feel ugly and want to avoid it. And others, you stayed up way too late and are blogging well into your day.

So last night I pulled the last. Totally up later than I should have been. Without writing. But had very good conversation.

So what do you do when you put yourself behind the eight-ball? Figure something out quick.

Write About Failure

Sometimes, a few hours of reflection on your situation is enough to get you plenty of ideas to write down for readers. Better, those posts will be personal, real world stories of how you went wrong, and how you fixed it. Or didn’t.

Write About Success

Better, if you get behind on the blog, hopefully you used the time to get ahead somewhere else. Even if it was just talking to someone. Talk about what inspired you, share the love, and push your readers to do something awesome.


Normally, I try to make really structured posts, because they’re easy to read and deliver information quickly, but some of my favorite posts and videos from other bloggers and vloggers are when they’re just talking out a topic they’re unsure on. It’s very real, and usually leads to amazing insights.

So don’t worry if you’re a little behind, some creative application of real life can get you back ahead.