Well, first the check in:

Still blogging every day, though this weekend has been a bit rough. (It’s almost four locally, this is the latest I’ve written a blog since my move to daily blogging.)

I caught up on the subject I forgot about, and managed to upload a lab script that I somehow missed last week. Thank goodness my professor was behind!

Reading, I started Summer Knight, on page 290. I really like Dresden’s voice. It’s hard for me to analyze these novels as I read them because the voice is like candy for my brain.

Writing, I’m failing at. I have a document open, and I put about 200 words down Tuesday, but I’m blocked in a ‘how do I even concentrate’ way. I know it’ll come soon enough, but damn if it’s frustrating in the meantime.

Discussion question: How do you like your bacon?

Now the title makes sense. I’m all about chewy bacon, and I know it’ll probably earn me some enemies. I’ll eat it crispy, and crispy is good for salads and stuff, but for just bacon, I want to chew a bit. Comment with your answer below!