I was up late last night working on my writing, so I’m a bit behind this morning. Check-in details:


I’m up to date on my quizzes and most of my reading. We’re in the second text for Linux, which seems to be a rehash plus additional details, so trying to read through that. I haven’t started the Database labs for the week, but they’re easy enough. Going to do a quiz for System Analysis and Design and a retake on a Linux quiz and be on target for the week.


Still writing every day, and if my traffic numbers are anything to say, becoming far more effective in how I present my ideas. Thanks everyone who visits and comments, you make the whole crazy thing worth it.


200 words last night. Seriously considering reconsidering this goal so that it’s challenging, but fits my current schedule and momentum better. I don’t know what I’d change it to, but I don’t like being so far behind the goal right now.


Finished two so far, so this one probably needs to be restructured as well. Bait Dog done, Summer Knight (Dresden Files) done, just started Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. Interesting so far. A bit amused by the exposition to explain computer concepts, since I understand most of them already.