Pinky and the BrainBefore we get into this week’s blog question, my ROW80 update:

Today marks the beginning of week four of daily blogging! As I’m going, I’m getting more comfortable with what content I deliver when, and a real schedule is going to appear soon. My topics are still all over the place, though.

As for school, the midterm threat has landed. One of them is open, and the others should be coming soon. Still doing fairly well on the delivered classwork, though.

Reading, I’m still reading Little Brother, about a quarter of the way through. (I love the Kindle for the easy expression of how far into a book I am. Also good for analysis of a book’s structure.)

As for writing, another wimpy 200 words, so I’m going to switch up and change the goal a bit. Instead of 2000 words a week, I’m going to find an hour each day without distractions and just write. Whatever comes of it, comes of it.

And now, blog discussion:

It’s time to take over the world! What’s your plan?

I’d find a way to hide suggestions in media, especially things like YouTube, and use it to raise an army of brainwashed soldiers. Or maybe win an election.

Your turn, leave a comment below!