One of my favorite movies is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which happened to be on television this weekend. Specifically, I love the elements some of the songs lend to the world and character development. Two songs in particular are sung as prayers, but with two very different personalities behind them.

First one I want to talk about is Esmeralda’s prayer: God Help The Outcasts. I true prayer of humility, while also questioning Frollo’s interpretation of who counts as worthy of protection.

The chosen video was simply because it amused me.

The other song that strikes me is Hell Fire, sung by Frollo. One of the darkest themes I’ve seen in a Disney film, with threats of death, pride bordering on insanity, and open declarations of lust. Throw on top of it the animation to accompany this quite stellar song and you have an allegory unto itself.

The contrasts between these two movies always strike me. Esmeralda almost begging while trapped in a very public setting, Frollo demanding in the privacy of a quiet room. Esmeralda’s song is counterpointed by others asking God for their own desires, Frollo’s own imagination sets against him.

It really strikes me about how a character declares their wish can be as important to the character as the goal itself.

Hope these two songs help inspire this week: go create.