It’s amazing how a long shower helps solve both big and little issues. This time it’s a solution to a goal problem, which is awesome. Next time, maybe it’ll be a plot knot. I hope!


So, my Linux professor input a bunch of lab grades during the storm, and my overall grade in the class jumped 3 points! I’m excited!

In Database Programming, I’m mostly just carrying on going through the MySQL labs. Fun, fun. . . It’s actually pretty interesting, and when I start to feel competent with the queries, I get all excited. Then I get a new error.

System Analysis and Design is going well enough, but the group project hasn’t even been started. I’m really going to need to dig those documents out today or tomorrow and work on it. It’s going to be almost 35 pages when it’s done, but that’s between 4/5 people.


It’s still daily, but I can tell from the traffic that I’ve been a horrible slacker lately. I really must start doing these the night before again. Note to self: Blog, then bed.

If anyone has things they’d like to know about that I might be able to help with, let me know in the comments, or email me!


I’ve decided I’m going back to doing 750 words. I loved being able to just write about what was on my mind (And I do it a lot here), but I think having that daily booster should improve my overall approach to writing. We’ll see in the coming weeks. On another note, I am NOT doing NaNoWriMo, but good luck to everyone taking the plunge for the first or nth time.


I’m a little over halfway done with I Am Legend. It’s. . . interesting. Quite fascinating to read a story without a real outside antagonist, even if there’s the vampires.

My question for you today: What book are you reading today, and what about it intrigues you?