Sorry non-US readers, but this has been the focus of my day.

So, I voted, yay, did my duty, but I want to talk about an unfortunate reality I face.

I’m an independent voter. Seriously, my ballots have the dots all across the board. (Delaware uses these cool light up boards. It’s neat.)

In this election, though, my preferred candidate was a third party. I really would like my preferred candidate to win, but unfortunately I know the history of third party voting in my local electorate. So I voted for the major party I preferred.

My response, of course, was to vote third party for both Congressional seats. Here’s hoping one of them wins. (Even if it’s a pretty low shot!)

And if you’re American, you’re reading this, and you haven’t voted: Do so. Write in Darth Vader if you don’t want to vote for someone on the ballot. Just vote for someone!

DFTBA, and on this one special occasion: DFTVA!