There’s still people arguing about politics online. Lots of anger. Lots of ideas.

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Taken From Political Compass. Click Image to check out their political stance analysis!

You know what: That’s great!

Yeah, the anger is still there, but it’s going to be there for a while. This was an emotionally charged election season, and we’re still knee deep in a recession. Which is exactly why people need to stay engaged.

We should pull politics out of the closet and make open and frank discussion the norm, instead of the exception. Especially now, where we have a lot of work to do as a global community, and only a handful of voices with enough clout to shift things. (I’m looking at you, Wall Street, Germany, and Sweden.)

Let’s get as many voices spreading as much quality information as we can. Those who have been through college remember sourcing papers: start sourcing your online discussions. Support real research. Let’s make tomorrow a little bit better than today through simple education.

I’ve said it a few times this week, but the nerdfighter motto and goal both apply very well here:

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