I’m going to admit, I always find the Wednesday check-ins to be the most difficult because I’m always in the middle of things. I’m sure there’s some reason why that Wednesday check-in is good, but I haven’t noticed it yet.


I’m meeting my week one writing quota, thus far. I know, it’s not much, but it’s about building a habit, and so, here I go.

As for blogging, I haven’t starting writing my tutorials, so I’m either going to be kicking myself on Sunday or I’m going to be working some long hours to get it done by Friday.

I’m doing fairly well on reading, I’m 45% of the way through Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds, and seriously getting into it. Chuck’s characters always have great (And unique) voices, and Miriam is no exception.

Job search I didn’t put in an official application, but I did touch base with a local business so I’ll consider that complete. Need another by Sunday.

I still haven’t played Torchlight II, yet, but Runic Games gave away the soundtrack a while ago and it’s made its way into my standard rotation for writing. While listening one day, this piece, Echo Pass, came on and I was blown away by how powerful it was. It’s definitely sweeping and epic and I hope it finds a home in your listening as well.