ROW80BadgeSo this week was a mix, we ended up sick halfway through the week which through my schedule off, but I’d say a good week otherwise.


I’m still looking through my very large list of ideas and concepts and trying to decide what I have enough drive to work on. In the mean time I’m doing short stories and fleshing out some of those scenes I had sitting around in a fast draft form.


I missed a day. Didn’t write anything on Friday at all. But it’s not all bad news. I wrote more than my goal the other four days, and even put in some writing last night in a bout of insomnia. Altogether, my writing total for the week is 1278 versus the week’s goal of 500. So huge success even with a missed day!

Job search

I didn’t get out an application or email this week. Will need to fix that.


I’m 75% of the way through Blackbirds. Liking it so far.