ROW80BadgeI’ve always found getting back into creative pursuits is the hardest part. When you’ve gotten past that stage where you’ve built the habit, it’s natural to just create every day. But then you miss a day. Then another project gets in the way. And suddenly going back is like pushing over a brick wall without any tools.

Of course, there’s a cool rush when you really do get past that.


I may have finally stumbled upon a plot bunny worth it thanks to something I was writing just to have said I was writing during a #ROW80 sprint. No details yet, but it’s picking up an older project from a slightly different perspective. I kind of like the concept.


I’m on target for the last two days. Actually, last night I quadrupled my daily goal and have already beaten my weekly goal! Hopefully I get to keep things up.

Job Search

Haven’t had a chance to get out this week, but the plan is to head out today to check local jobs for the ‘meantime.’ Here’s hoping!


Only did a little reading since Sunday.

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve broken through the wall yet, but it’s definitely getting easier.