Welcome Kuroshitsuji Fans

Welcome Kuroshitsuji fan community and others who discovered me through my layout work on The Eric and Alan Fanbook.

Here are some of my blog posts you might find interesting.

Those Who Write Fan Fiction: Beware
I haven’t been a fan fiction writer for a long time, and have some fairly unpopular views on the practice. But I offer my bare bones advice on how to change that opinion. Stay for the conversation!

Judging Adaptations and Hunger Games Review
I like reviewing books and movies, and a thorny subject is always adaptations. I lay out a simple way to judge them, and break down the Hunger Games movie.

Plotonium: Why the Goal Doesn’t Matter
Writing advice! A lesson all writers should learn: what your character wants doesn’t matter at all.

Review: The Clockwork Giant
The Clockwork Giant was a spectacular steampunk novel, and this review shows off how I like to review things in general.

Want help formatting your own ebook? Email me for rates.

In addition to writing, I freelance occasionally as a substantive editor. For those who don’t recognize the term: I don’t focus on spelling, grammar, and other issues; I focus on your storytelling and give it a good kick in the chops. Most of my experience and education are in plot structure and point-of-view. If you’re interested, just email me for rates.

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