Ideas From the Shower

It’s amazing how a long shower helps solve both big and little issues. This time it’s a solution to a goal problem, which is awesome. Next time, maybe it’ll be a plot knot. I hope!


So, my Linux professor input a bunch of lab grades during the storm, and my overall grade in the class jumped 3 points! I’m excited!

In Database Programming, I’m mostly just carrying on going through the MySQL labs. Fun, fun. . . It’s actually pretty interesting, and when I start to feel competent with the queries, I get all excited. Then I get a new error.

System Analysis and Design is going well enough, but the group project hasn’t even been started. I’m really going to need to dig those documents out today or tomorrow and work on it. It’s going to be almost 35 pages when it’s done, but that’s between 4/5 people.


It’s still daily, but I can tell from the traffic that I’ve been a horrible slacker lately. I really must start doing these the night before again. Note to self: Blog, then bed.

If anyone has things they’d like to know about that I might be able to help with, let me know in the comments, or email me!


I’ve decided I’m going back to doing 750 words. I loved being able to just write about what was on my mind (And I do it a lot here), but I think having that daily booster should improve my overall approach to writing. We’ll see in the coming weeks. On another note, I am NOT doing NaNoWriMo, but good luck to everyone taking the plunge for the first or nth time.


I’m a little over halfway done with I Am Legend. It’s. . . interesting. Quite fascinating to read a story without a real outside antagonist, even if there’s the vampires.

My question for you today: What book are you reading today, and what about it intrigues you?

Storm Update

So the storm killed my sleep schedule. But I’m alive, as is my whole family. Very little damage to the house (Some flooding we already knew would happen). We didn’t lose power, and I don’t see any major damage down our street, though I heard the county South of us had a hard time.

We’re all well! We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!

Storm and ROW80

Hurricane Sandy Path Screwed

I’m right there under that light blue path with the red arrow. Yeah.

So, I happen to leave right under the expected path of Hurricane Sandy, and the rain is officially falling. We’re as ready as we’re going to be, so now it’s just waiting and watching.

On the ROW80 Front:

College Work

I’m doing better and better on this. Getting my schedule settled. Doing two or more quizzes a day, currently getting my MySQL labs done for the week. I’m feeling more confident with Linux and MySQL, so obviously those classes are working.


I’ve been slacking hear, phoning in my effort, and I really feel kind of shitty about it. When I do put in my effort, I see it from the traffic and comments. So, obviously, I need to re-up my effort for you. But, I’ve been daily, putting together something even when I don’t feel like it. And I’m proud of that.


My fiction, on the other hand, has been withered on the vine. I have a finished planning document, but I’ve not been putting pen to paper, and my collaboration is somewhere in limbo. Must fix this. I’ll figure something out.


This is done, as I’ve mentioned. Chuck Wendig’s Bait Dog, Jim Butcher’s Summer Knight, and Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. I just started reading I Am Legend. It’s been interesting, if a bit slow.

That’s it for today, what are you up to?

Image found on Facebook shared from Jackie DiAntonio’s timeline.


Normally, I’d have a review for you. I don’t. I’m having a rough week, finding it hard to concentrate and keep my posts up. It’s kind of annoying, because it makes me feel terrible when I don’t deliver something quality.

I’ve now got two books in my backlog that I’ll get written and served up in the coming weeks. They’re coming promise.

Most of my blah seems to be having to catch up on school work due to various factors. Kind of sucks, but I’ll work through it.

Oh, and apparently the so-called ‘Frankenstorm’ is aimed right up my little corner of the coast, so the family is doing the normal prep for a major storm. I’m not too worried yet, but I’m keeping an ear out.

So now I’m off to do some schoolwork. Have a great day on your projects.

When Bullying Backfires

Being a lifelong nerd has its downsides. First and foremost is that you’re the target of a lot of bullying of various styles. Most of it dealt with ostracism and name-calling, but I had my physical altercations and had more than a few pranks pulled on me over the years. It all sucked, of course, but every now and then, things didn’t go quite the way people expected.

John Green Nerds Like Us Quote

When I was a teen, the church I was a member of had a sort of coed camp called Youth Conference. A week of service, spiritual observance, and fun. I enjoyed them, but when you put a dozen teenage boys in a room together, there is almost always someone who decides to take advantage of the situation.

The night before the dance, there was always a dance, one of my family; that’s how the youth are organized: into ‘families’ with two Parent counselors and brothers and sisters; decided to prank a few of the boys. I was one of them.

The prank was simple enough: layer a glob of face glitter in the hair and face of some of the sleeping boys. I was the lucky one, one of the guys got the gel in his eye, I just had to wash my hair.

Of course, the glitter didn’t come out.

So I spent a day self-conscious as hell. I felt like everyone noticed, and felt like everyone was laughing. When it sent the others I slept with into that state, what else was I to think?

Come the dance, all dressed up (Shirt and tie for the boys, dresses and skirts for the girls), I got to join my friends. That was fun, and as usual, I got pushed into a number of dances because I was the shy one. In the church dances, it was really common to talk to your dance partner. Just about things. And the glitter came up more than once. I knew it would, too.

But the response was the opposite of what I’d expected. Some partners just hated that some jerk would try to be mean like that at a church event. Others thought it was cute. It’s neat when an attempt to destroy self-esteem ends up giving it a boost.

Have you ever had something embarrassing turn around and boost your confidence? Tell your story in the comments!

ROW80 Check-In

Quick check-in during a break in class.

I’m catching back up on my reading, I’m only a chapter or two behind now. We’re learning about various server functions in class today including routing.

I finished Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother last night. That was good. Also, that hits all three books I committed to. Now I’m just tracking my positives from here on out.

Writing, I got my outline done, but haven’t done much other writing, but I am working on getting resources together to self-publish a short story that has gotten very good response from readers.

As for blogging, here I am, still going daily, even if this week has been a little weak. Going to find a way to up my game again. You guys deserve it.

‘Successful’ Midterms

I’ve always tested well. Seriously. But damn if college midterms still don’t kick my ass. I mentioned it on Sunday, but I did really well on my midterms. Solid As for both. But I put so much time into worrying about my Midterms, I’m behind everywhere else!

It’s primarily my Linux course that got hurt, with the huge amount of reading. I’m four chapters behind in the primary text! Now you’d think I’d be extremely worried, but my Midterms and Finals make up the majority of my grade in my program, so those are the things I focus on more than most everything else.

So that’s where my brain has been. I’m almost done with one of those chapters, and I’m trying to focus, but I’m letting other things slide a bit (Like my fiction reading and writing), but life goes on.

What’s got your focus this week?

Inspiration: Use Your Words!

Some times, the best way to get something done is just to come out and say it. Of course, it’s not always easy.

I love RENT, I cut my teeth on the movie version, which is why I post this version, but youtube has a wonderful selection of different versions (Including the German version, if you’re interested.)

And before I leave you today, here’s the movie intro (Which is in a different place in the stage show) that gives me serious goosebumps:


What are you working on this week? Answer below!