So I’ve not posted in a few weeks. I’ve got various excuses for it, but I’m leaning more and more to the fact that my lack of posting is just that: an excuse.

School’s started again, and one of my classes has a lot of reading (hundreds of pages of reading some weeks). So I spend a lot of time going through those text books. Good news is, I graduate in December, so just got to avoid the senior slacking and get it done. (Does it count as a senior if you’re working on a 2-year degree? I mean, it’s only two years, but I am graduating. . .)

In other news, I’m not gaming much. So one of the topics I love sharing I don’t have the day to day experience to talk about. Lots of new games coming out. Some companies pushing the edges between analog and digital, which looks like some awesome experienced coming soon.

But to be quite honest, I’ve hit another month where I’m terrified of failure. I mean, I’ve got a novella series and a novel fully planned, waiting for a draft, and I just keep putting it off. And the blog, because, hell, I feel like a sham.

Then this weekend, I got addicted to ze frank again. Those who don’t know ze frank, I’m not even sure how to explain him except that he does things he loves and encourages everyone to do things they love. This video in particular, which was my introduction to ze frank:

It’s heartening, and helps a bit with the ‘I’m terrified.’ Part of what I’m terrified about is that I’m one of those crazy souls who cares about politics, and where my government is going. And I’d like to discuss that, but I’m afraid of where it’ll take my blog, since the ‘smart’ rule is not to discuss religion and politics.

So, here I am, pulling my FILDI out of his velvet box (I may have left him too long) and going to just start writing about what I care about, it’s what’s going into my novels, so it’s what I hope my readers care about. I’m going to start writing every day about whatever I’m thinking about most that day. Hope I don’t scare you away with the craziness while I restrengthen those blogging muscles.

Fuck it, let’s do it. And Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.