Welcome to the TweetDeck Learning Guide, where I’m going to walk you through using TweetDeck and making it work for you.

Ever had a time sensitive tweet that you knew you weren’t going to be around to send? TweetDeck has you covered! TweetDeck has a scheduled tweet function capable of posting tweets when you want.

To use the scheduling system, first you need to compose a tweet but don’t send it. Then you find this button next to Submit.

Opening this gets you the scheduling window.

With this open, you need to set the date and time you’d like to send the tweet. Clicking on the date field opens up a calender, point and click the date you want to send it.

The time field is actually broken up into two parts, hours and and minutes. The hours section uses 24-hour time and is based on your computer’s clock.

Once the time and date are set, click Set Time and forget it.

Some key points about this feature:

You cannot send other tweets while waiting for the scheduled tweet to be submitted.
Your machine must remain on and TweetDeck must remain open.

I have some opinions on automatic tweets, but Kristen Lamb always tells it better, so go check out this post.